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31 Mar What was WWII? Largest war in human history. Involved countries, colonies, and territories around the entire world. -Resentment at the harsh peace of World War One fuelled the rise of Adolf Hitler. 2. Lend-Lease Act. The United States gave Britain war supplies and old. World War Two, PRINCIPAL BELLIGERENTS: Axis powers: Germany; Italy; Japan. Allies: China; Poland; Great Britain; France; Soviet Union, from.

Immediate Causes of WW II. In Germany Germany achieved most of its victories in World War II with the Blitzkrieg tactic. Blitzkrieg World War II in / Introduction to WWII. Adapted from McIntyre at lesenluminures-france1500.com 2. Key Concept: What were the four main causes of WWII? Give an example of each . Nye Committee () investigated whether the U.S. had been duped into entering World War I; Gallup Poll showed 2/3 of Americans thought U.S.

WWII was even MORE of a Total War than WWI; HUGE amounts of government control over citizens, economies, & colonies was exercized; ALL citizens were. Clicker Review Questions; “World War II: ” notes; Today's HW: When the USA entered WWII, Stalin wanted the Allies to open a Western Front. 2. Entangled Alliances. Causes of World War I. 3. Militarism. Arms races between nations; Built up to intimidate other nations; Russian army had over 1,, 13 Oct An interactive PowerPoint with links to resources and media clips. The Causes of WW2 area is complete plus connects to resources on the. Summarize the economic, humanitarian and diplomatic effects of World War II, including How was the US in a position for economic success after WWII?.

WWII Poster encouraging conservation. SECTION 2: THE WAR FOR EUROPE AND NORTH AFRICA. Days after Pearl Harbor, British Prime Minister Winston. Global Conditions between. WWI and WWII. A. After WWI, countries looked to America for economic help. B. The stock market crash started a global depression. 12 Feb World War II. From left to right: Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain . Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy. Prime Minister. The first years of WWII seemed to go in Hitler's favor. With his blitzkrieg, he had gained control of much of western and central Europe. Victories over Britain and .


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